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SUPPORT Mawagala Aids Care project with your donation


Go to the contact page and send an email to the project coordinator for a donation in UGX (Ugandan Shilling).


If you live outside Uganda, send an email to the donor coordinator

At the beginning of September 2016 I arrived in Uganda with my husband, for a stay of 3 years.

After about 1 month one of our guards, Maganda Samuel, had his yearly holiday. When I asked him how he was going to spend his holiday he said: I go to my village as a caretaker.

He told me about the MAC project. He himself grew up in the Mawagala village as an orphan. When he was in the last grade of primary school, he was the best student in the class and he got 4 years free education from the government. Later he got another two years to finish the secondary school. After his studies he got a job in Kampala as Guard and in his free time he is fully committed to do everything to help the MAC project. 

At the moment he is the coordinator of the Mawagala Aids Care project .

We decided to start supporting the school-age children (152) of the community with basic materials for school, exercise books, pencils and sets, uniforms and support in school fees. We helped them with new clothes at Christmas and in 2017 all households received basic home requirements,  mosquito-nets, bed sheets, blankets, plates and cups, (this had been 6 years ago). We got help from a few friends and family.

From January 2017 the children went to school as full-fledged children, with uniforms, books and pens. There is a reduction in the absence, they have better motivation to learn and their performance at school has increased significantly.

We certainly try to continue providing these basic needs for the coming years (hopefully with your help), but to really help the people for the future, they should be able to develop more income generating activities. The crops they grow, are not always successful due to too much or too little rain. Brick laying is a good business, they want to expand the tailoring with more machines, start carpentry and set-up poultry.  


And what all children want is to go to school

Please help to make these children happy and to give them hope for the future.


How I got involved in this project

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