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What can I donate to the MAC project ?

We only spend the donated money on materials or direct costs for which we get a receipt:

  • School requirements like exercise books, counter books, city books,  reams of paper, pens, sets, pencils or school fees.

  • Fabrics for schooluniforms

  • Fabrics for schoolbags

  • Home requirements like bedsheets, blankets, plates, cups, soap, salt, sugar, paraffin, oil etc.

  • Christmas clothes (2nd hand clothes)

  • Sport articles like footballs, volleyball

  • Sewing machines

  • Building materials

​Below you can find the various costs, but you can give any amount you want.


Needed for a child going to the primary school per year

(113 children in 2020)

  • School uniform (+ Schoolbag)

  • Exercise books, city books, sets, pencils, ream of paper

  • Development, food, facilitation fee

Costs per child per year: UGX 100,000.=  ( 25 Euro)

Total costs for the primary school children in 2020 will be:

UGX 11,300,000.= (2 825 Euro)


Needed for a child going to the Secondary School per year

(55 children in 2020)

  • School uniform

  • Counter Books, sets, pens, ream of paper

  • School fee, provision of food etc.

Costs per student per year: UGX 475,000= (115= Euro)


Total costs for the Secondare school children in 2020 will be:

UGX 26,125,000=  ( 6 325 = Euro)


Christmas clothing:

Once a year with Christmas the children get new clothes (2nd hand).

Total costs for 250 children to receive Christmas Clothes: 

UGX 1,630,000=  (400 = Euro)


More sewing machines  

The project wants to expand the tailoring work and give more training to people of the community.  They have 4 machines at the moment


1 sewing machine: UGX 580,000= (140 Euro)


The library is opened in April 2018, text books are available for all classes and subjects. The rainwater that falls on the roof is collected in 2 large water tanks.

A latrine building was constructed next to the library.

In 2019 a maize factory where maize can be processed was built.



Challenges for the near future (2020) would be: 

Simple beds (most children sleep on the ground).

Rain watercollection from the roof of the maize factory

Waterpump for Irrigation of the land

Setting up Chicken poultry


So there is still plenty to do. Any support is welcome

Exercise books for the primary school

Fabrics to make school uniforms

Christmas clothes, soap and vaselline

Basic home requirements 

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