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MAC Organisation 

Mawagala Aids Care (MAC) is a Community based organization (CBO) that was started in 2001 and legally registered with the  Iganga District Community Development office on 3rd August, 2001 to address the following issues namely: To take care of people living with HIV/AIDS, Orphans and vulnerable children, to carry out sensitization programs, counseling and guidance of its members and do follow ups in form of home visits of its members.

The project began with 50 members on inception of these 16 were men, 34 women, 70 Orphans and 20 vulnerable children.

To date (end 2018), we have 60 members of these 15 are men and 45 women, 144 orphans and 40 vulnerable children totaling to 184 children under the care of Mawagala Aids Care project. 30 children are not fully supported by  MAC but they are allowed to use the  library for studying.

The project is headquartered at Mawagala village, Nawanyingi Sub- county, Iganga district in Eastern region and its located 10 kms from Iganga town on Iganga-Kaliro road and about 135 miles East of the capital city Kampala.

Over 95% of the population within the project area are peasant farmers practicing small scale subsistence agriculture and farming involving animal husbandry with some of the youths fully engaged in income generating activities such as Transporting passengers by bicycles (“Boda Bodas”), brick laying etc. which earn them a very low income not commensurate to address their daily needs for a living Situation


To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and labour for the holistic wellbeing and transformation of orphans and vulnerable children through advocacy, health and education

The project is owned by the community which comprise of 60 members with common goals and objectives and they are fully registered.



To sensitize the community members by creating awareness raising about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and provision of preventive measures to this scourge; provision of physical, moral, spiritual support to the infected members and create employment opportunities for the orphans and vulnerable children so that they can become self-reliant.

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