Performances MAC Primary School Children 2016 - 2017

​Performances for all the children who went to the primary school class 1 - class 6  2016 and 2017 (1st and 2nd Term)


At the end of every Term (3 terms a year) a child gets a report with the Marks obtained and the Ranking in the class e.g. nr. 10 out of 80 children or 15 out of 56 children.

Explanation of the Graph "Ranking"

If a child has a ranking 22nd out of 100 children it gets a score of 100 – 22 = 78 in the graph, a ranking 15 out of 30 children gives a score of 50 (halfway the class)

The graph below shows clearly that the average ranking  scores of the MAC children are better than non-MAC children and that there is clearly rising line from the end of 2016 until the 2nd term of this year.

Explanation of the Graph "Marks obtained"

For every subject a child can get a maximum of 100 marks.

If there are 5 subjects and a child has a score of 350 Marks he or she has a score of 70% in the graph.


The performance of the children has improved considerably.

Data for 2016: 83 children

Data for 1st term 2017: 94 children

Data for 2nd term 2017: 103 children