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Trends School performances MAC Children

after the 2nd term, October 2020

Year 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary abnormal year. Schools were closed for almost seven months because of the COVID-19 virus and the children had to stay at home. The government distributed materials home to home for all class levels, which covered the firstly term Syllabus. There have been no exams for the 1st term. All tests for the 2nd term for both primary and secondary school were done from Annethi's Children Library for a period of one week.The questions were compiled from the educational materials provided by the government of Uganda.

It is not surprising that the school performances have gone down a bit, as the schools were closed for so long.

Trends Primary school performances P1-P6

From January 2017 the children went to school as full-fledged children, with uniforms, books and pens. In April 2018 the library was opened. In the weekends and holidays the children can study there with their own text books. While in 2016 the children went to12 different primary schools, this was reduced in 2018  to only 5 different schools. In 2019 128 children of the community received uniforms and school materials from the project to go to the primary school.

In 2020 110 Primary school children received uniforms and school materials from the MAC project


At the end of every Term (3 terms a year) a child gets a report with the Marks obtained and the Ranking in the class (total P1, total P2 etc) e.g. nr. 10 out of 80 children or 15 out of 56 children.

Used fata for the graphs of the Primary Schools

Data for 2016:    83 children

Data for 2017:    97 children​

Data for 2018:  116 children (+20 in P6/P7)

Data for 2019:  109 children (+19 in P6/P7 Buw)

Data for 2020     90 children (+20 in P6/P7 Buw)

Explanation of the Graph "Ranking"

If a child has a ranking 22nd out of 100 children it gets a score of 100 – 22 = 78 in the graph, a ranking 15 out of 30 children gives a score of 50 (halfway the class)

The graph below shows clearly that the average ranking scores of the MAC children are better than non-MAC children and that there is clearly rising line from the end of 2016 (not in 2020). However, some classes have a large number of MAC children, this makes it difficult to improve the ranking performance. They are more competing amongst themselves.

Explanation of the Graph "Marks obtained"

For every subject a child can get a maximum of 100 marks.

If there are 5 subjects and a child has a score of 350 Marks he or she has a score of 70% in the graph.


The performance of the children has gone down a bit because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

2nd term 2020 ranking P1-P7.jpg
2nd term 2020 marks P1-P7.jpg

Trends Buwolomera Primary school performances, P6-P7

P6 and P7 students of this school (20 children) get the same rating system as used at the Secondary schools.

The lower the score, the better the performance.

17 children have a DIV ONE grade and 3 children a DIV TWO grade


The lower the score,

the better the performance.

Trends Secondary school (S1-S4) performances

The graph of the 2nd term of 2020 shows the results for St. Mathias SS: 48 students (S1-S4)

and Comprehensive SS: 11 students (S2-S4)

2nd term 2020 marks Mathias S1-S4.jpg
2nd term 2020 marks Compreh S2-S4.jpg

This report is composed by Annette Willemen, based on the school reports received by the MAC project after the 2nd Term 2020

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